Donate to Georgia’s Fight for YOUR Rights

This is America’s chance to flip the Senate and reverse four years of Trump and Republican policy. It is the only way to ensure that President Biden will be granted the ability to fill his cabinet and fulfill his agenda without compromise. This includes all things related to the Supreme Court and its future rulings.

Georgia Moderates Activation Solutions (GMAS) is firmly planted in the political battleground areas of Georgia. We know how to communicate with and politically activate fellow Georgia moderates. We own this niche, and quite honestly, this is the niche that will decide the Georgia senate runoffs and your future rights.

The vast majority of blue donations will go to far left operations in the Democratic strongholds of the state. We may be the only outlet for reaching the silent majority of Georgia moderates that, again, will truly decide this election and the future of the United States.

Below is our campaign fund to flip the U.S. Senate. Every dime will go toward supporting the Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff campaigns here in Georgia. Donations are non-tax deductible. (All political donations are categorized as “advocacy” by the IRS.) We keep donors up-to-date on campaign fund activities and the resulting impacts.

To donate, please click the PayPal button below. You will then enter the amount of your donation and hit submit.

Ossoff & Warnock Flip the Senate Fund
Thank you for fighting for the future of America. We will battle for you in the purple parts of Georgia, where your donation will make the biggest difference. We’re ready for this monumental moment, we just need your support.