Programs & Pricing

Georgia Moderates Activation Solutions (GMAS) offers customized strategies and employs a mix of solutions to engage, motivate and activate moderates throughout Georgia.

We offer three programs to meet your needs:

The first offering is a policy consultant program. We 
know how to connect with Georgia moderates. We’re honest and won’t tell you what you want hear if it’s a losing policy. We provide the insights that win elections.

Our consultant rate is $200 per hour.  

Please call us at 770.597.7630

The second offering is our designated campaign fund program. We select a target for each fund, which is supported by donations (non-tax deductible). The funds focus on candidates and causes close to our heart. We keep donors up-to-date on campaign fund activities and the resulting impacts. We currently have one active campaign fund

Ossoff & Warnock Flip the Senate Fund

To donate, please click the PayPal button below. You will then enter the amount of your donation and hit submit.

The third offering is a customized campaign program. Our campaigns are collaboratively designed, but you ultimately decide how and where to allocate your budget.

We provide insights and a mix of solutions to maximize your exposure, providing a return on your investment that’s unmatched in Georgia. These solutions include social media, public relations, grassroots (including door-to-door), event planning, website copy, blogging and more. We offer three campaign packages:

Engage Campaign:  $25,000
Motivate Campaign:  $50,000
Activate Campaign:  $75,000

Please call us at 770.597.7630