Our Advantage

Georgia Moderates Activation Solutions (GMAS) understands the unique mindset of moderate Georgians.

We may or may not be Georgia natives, but the opportunities here brought us together.  We may live in a Southern state, but do not identify as Southerner.  We don't have a Southern accent, but still prefer our tea sweet. We’re proud to be modern day Georgians, but despise our state’s past. We support progressive ideas, but don’t want to be talked down to by the progressives we support.

If “Honeysuckle Blue” means nothing to you, you desperately need our help.

Most importantly, we know how to connect with Georgia moderates. It's not easy being a moderate in the South. We fight against our right-leaning establishment, but get little respect from the left-leaning media that lazily puts all Southerners in the same bucket. We're battle worn, skeptical, and easier to antagonize than attract.
If you want to win over Georgia moderates, you must be subtle and nuanced in your approach. What works elsewhere could fail here. Outsiders may be blind to their own alienating ways, but we can sniff them out like a blue ribbon bird dog.
Because, again, Georgia moderates have been on the front lines here longer than you. They'll give you only one chance. If you step on a strategy land mine, you'll likely be fatally wounded. We have the best map of this policy mine field.
Lastly, we love sports and know that “How ‘bout them Dawgs” isn’t a question, it’s a greeting.

It’s complicated, but not to us.